Metal flake guitar finish cracks

Our products are the choice of professionals everywhere for clarity, depth of color, durability, and show stopping brilliance. For the ultimate flashy touch, add metal glitter flake to your boats finish. Stir the gel coat thoroughly and frequently during application to prevent the metal flakes from settling to the bottom. Spraying metal flakes is quite a simple process, as long as you follow a few key points you should have no problems achieving good results. I thought you guys might like to see a few pics of the guitar i shot with your copper orange metal flake. World champion safecracker jeff sitar cracks bank vault in 5 minutes by touch. Im pretty upset since it was an expensive guitar, and ive only had it for about a month and have taken really good care of it until yesterday, but i was careless. Electric guitars are a cool enough instrument regardless of how they look, but one thing that can make a guitar way cooler is by painting it in a metal flake. How to repair a lacquer finish home guides sf gate. I set it down for a month and now i am getting an itch to start over and do a metal flake. Choose from the subtle metallic look of baby metal flakes, the classy finish of standard metal flakes, or the old school feel of monster metal flakes. Its been a while since weve been to the belly up in solano beach and it was good to be.

Sharing there tips and tricks on getting that perfect finish with metal flake and hard lines. Metal flake can be tough to paint without producing uneven dispersion of the flakes and leaving all sorts of patterns and swirls. Much is made of the tonal benefits of woodtowood and woodto metal. Feb 05, 2014 go to ironmandann on facebook to see this finish on product. And remember youll need to cover that flake with a lot of clear when youre done.

I have an applause ae28 electricacoustic guitar that plays pretty well, but doesnt look so great. Here are some pics of my ebm that got dropped and resulted in some pretty heinous poly cracks. For nitrocellulose guitar paint, the name of the paint and which fender or gibson model guitar and possibly year range it was used on, is generally enough. Austin guitar paint and restoration mythic guitars. Check out the amazon link below to find the glitter spray cans so that you can do this yourself. None of my poly guitars have finish cracks either, except for my ebm. There are many grades and colors of shellac flakes from the highly refined kusmi and golden bysacki, to the standard grade tn truly native hand processed in india from. Checking cracking a nitro guitar finish nitrocellulose relic tutorial. We paint and refinish highend, vintage, custom or specialty guitars.

Filled wood cracks cracks filled with epoxy can allow you to create an even finish that wouldnt otherwise be possible. Your acoustic guitars finish can have all kinds of problems, as you play it over the years. Many of these problems have to do with the use and abuse of. The guitar also contains the premium features common to z3s including the pushpull volume knob that adds the neck pickup and the locking tuners for tuning stability. We will not purchase the house paint from home depot. Heres a blog entitled how to paint pearl or flake mix in clear coat or intercoat. Hello, im looking to find a custom shop or small shop that can take a guitar and refinish it to a cool 70s metal flake or sparkle.

Everyone will marvel at the new look your vehicle has with its new metal flake paint finish. It was nearly as easy as popping the lid off an ordinary rattle can. We will finish it in your choice of any of our available metal flake sparkle colors, and send it back. So our first video comes from backstreet customs in devon. If you drop a poly guitar, the poly will crack and sometimes even shatter in that area. Danelectro 59mj electric guitar black metalflake guitar center. Jul 23, 2012 the typical bass boat will use 23 lbs of metal flake in the gelcoat. Cover the guitar with a clear finish that is compatible with the metal flake paint. What to do about cracks in guitar finish acoustic guitars harmony. Our hexagon flakes are easy to spray, and solvent resistant enough to use in two part epoxy paints. Its a great time to upgrade your home music studio gear with the largest selection at. Mar 21, 2014 this video will show you a great way to paint a guitar with metal flake. Metal flake guitar paint with orange copper flakes pwp.

Mar 16, 2005 when you are done with the metal flake do not touch the finish even after it is dry you will knock the flake off and have spots. How to do a sparkle paint job on your guitar with spray cans. Will inducing finish checking help the tone of a guitar. After this you will notice a new look to your vehicle especially in the sunlight. Once the second coat has dried you can then apply a clear coat or sealant over the glittery paint. Using only spray paint and the process i explain in the video. Whoah playing the star spangled banner was an honor indeed more will be revealed categories. How to do a glitter paintjob with spray cans youtube.

I shot this thru a preval aerosol sprayer in my garage. There are a couple of cracks in the thick plasticy. Then i dust on the first few clear coats so as not to disturb the metallic before. Fender jazz bass black sparkle metal flake sims guitar. How to repair acoustic guitar finish guitar repair bench. This factory original rarity conforms exactly to the approach and execution of fenders metal flake finish installation process. They can be used in many different mediums and even our small. Metal flake fx paint metal flake fx is an easy to apply metal flake paint. How to paint pearl or flake mix in clear coat or intercoat. Dec 28, 2006 i am contemplating a metal flake finish for a block and binding jazzmaster that i presently have in parts. Unknown to many enthusiasts whenever fender painted a guitar with a metal flake color they taped off or removed paint from the all of the cavities in order to allow room for an unencumbered final assembly. Jul 06, 2006 just to add, i used far less flake in my clear, but i was using abalone over white, so i didnt want to completely cover the white up.

How to spray metal flake using the flake king dry metal. A short tutorial showing how to get that cracking checking effect on a nitrocellulose guitar finish. Add a little bling to your guitar or bass with a new sparkle metal flake finish. The originators of metalflake finishes our metal flake products are the worlds finest selection of exotic polyester metallic flake and glitter. Can you damage a guitar this way cause the wood to crack, etc how do the prorelic guys make finishes check. How to use metal flake in gel coat bottom paint store. For a smooth finish, do 45 coats, sand with 400 or 500 grit wet, and put on 3 more coats. The primary top coat color is metal flake gold, with metal flake. How to touch up and repair electric guitar finish guitar repair. I did a refin in charcoal frost metallic but a friend touched it when it was still wet before the clear coat stage. When the metallic flakes are mixed with clear hiuv gelcoat it produces a metallic finish with maximum brilliance and excellent fastness properties. Our glowble metal flake product is particularly popular in the marine, motorcycle, aircraft, design stage set, and musical industry.

Gold is by far the best color to do in a metal flake because doing it right can make you. Lacquer can be a very forgiving finish material, and if you understand its characteristics, repairing damage to a lacquered surface can be easy. Ive had poly chip off the side of the neck and other spots too. The simple concept behind lacquer finishes is the even application of a resin. Then, i noticed another one hanging on the regular rack with a bunch of other vintage guitars. Metal flake sparkle color chart custom guitar finishing. Home made in fullerton finishes return to previous page. The color can come from wood dust, pigments that either match or contrast with the surrounding wood, or decorative additives, like metallic flake or pearlescent powders. Metal flake fx is highly concentrated with our metal flake and full coverage can be acheived with in a few coats, which then can be 2k clearcoated or be used as a base for our candy effect paints. Stupidly, i accidentally hit my guitar troy van leeuwen jazzmaster on my laptop yesterday and it produced a small crack in the finish amongst the bottom corner of the guitar. Boat paint flake, metal flake boat paint, poly flake boat paint. Apply cold just to the finish and then expose just that part of the guitar to heat.

Seems like it should, though how perceptible an improvement there is may be questionable. Lacquer is basically cellulose dissolved in a solvent. Learning how to paint pearl can be confusing at first and i hope you. Fender jazz bass body we custom painted in a heavy sparkle black metal flake finish. Metal flake fx is highly concentrated with our metal flake and full coverage can be achieved with in a few coats, which then can be 2k clear coated or be used as a base for our candy effect paints. We can take the paint chip to our auto paint supplier and have them match the color, add metal flake, pearl, or anything else. Custom shop automotive grade metal flake pack of most popular colors in 1 ounce bottle hex cut to 0. Roth metal flake can help you get the truly oneofakind finish you really want thanks to its amazing lineup of metal flakes. It is necessary to first apply 12 14 mils of wet catalyzed gel coat. Mix the gelcoat inside a pail thoroughly with a paint stirrer to disperse the metal flakes.

Metal flakes our durable metal flakes are a great way to add sparkle to any paint job. Metal flake fx is an easy to apply metal flake paint. Theres something alluring about the finish of a vintage guitar, but we can get close via. Squier alder body electric guitars for sale in stock ebay. Each jar contains about 50 or so grams of metal flakes, or 1 measuring cup. A very nice use of our orange copper flake and without even a compressor.

Bass boat clear coating bass boats, canoes, kayaks and more. Using stacked volume and tone controls and a 3way pcikup selector, youll find all the vintage tones you. Watch the trade secrets video, a shrinking pickguard cracks the guitar top. Heres how to paint metal glitter flake the easiest and cheapest way with no special equipment. Just send us your bolt on neck guitar or bass body with no hardware, neck, or electronics. For woodworking, shellac is sold in flake form and then dissolved in ethanol. Im looking for the high grade sparkle you see on drum sets. Metal flake and rattle cans inlays and finishing chat. Metal flake sparkle color chart guitarpaintguys guitar.

Its essential for a professional looking finish to prepare your wood so that you have. Great lakes skipper has great discount prices on metal glitter flake to use on your custom boat, car, truck, motorcycle, or other projectits a popular choice for electric guitar finishes. Take a razor blade and scrape it against a piece of metal until you get a nice sharp burr on one side. There are a few different methods that will end in similar finishes, some like to mix the flakes with 2k clear then apply more clear over the top but i prefer to mix the flakes with an intercoat clear basecoat, the reason i prefer to do it this way is. Your electric guitars finish can experience any number of problems as you play it over the years. It usually also has color, so the base coat is a contrasting coat to the final color which originates mostly from the flake. More fiery brilliance than other flake, this hex cut polyester flake produces a spectacular metallic dazzling finish. It is important to catalyze this cover layer at the recommended levels as over or undercatalyzation can cause various problems including premature yellowing, cracking and a reduced gloss. Typically, glitterflake is used in molding applications. Oct 15, 2014 i have just got an used us standard 2006 strat with a fairly good deal. It was a 1963 metal flake blue stratocaster and it was one of the coolest guitars i had ever seen. Im looking for the big metal or sparkle flakes, kind of like glitter.

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