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May 27, 2009 youre probably wondering whats been happening with that super thin, super sexy plastic logic ebook reader that weve seen floating around various tradeshows. Unlike the kindle, the plastic logic reader will also be able to access wifi hot spots. The e book market is still developing, and it barely. Plastic logic only announced that they were developing a flexible oled screen in february of this year. A book made out of dead trees wouldve buckled and creased and returned to its original shape. E ink has announced a strategic investment in plastic logic, the fabless designer and manufacturer of flexible, glassfree electrophoretic displays. Plastic logic s plastic reader is thin, simple, strong. There are several companies that tried to offer a netflix for books and failed, such as oyster and entitle.

Independently, funders and evaluation practitioners. Plastic logic ceo indro mukerjee officially debuted the electronic textbook at an event held at the moscow planetarium during a visit by british. Left side of the picture below is the result against the original on the right. And if youre lucky enough to be at the all things d conference, youre getting one for free.

In the making for 10 years, the plastic logic reader is like the amazon kindle electronic book reader but it uses a razorthin display that is made out of plastic. Since then, the human media lab has partnered with plastic logic and intel to introduce the first flexible tablet pc and multidisplay epaper computer, papertab, at ces 20, debuting the worlds first actuated flexible smartphone prototype, morephone in april 20. Flexible e ink in 2008 says plastic logic mobileread forums. One source is early systems theory and efforts to conceptualize different stages or levels of results.

Plastic logic says the device will be marketed to business users, which typically suggests a higher price and the need to lure more affluent customers. Plastic logic germany is the leader in the development and manufacture of flexible, glassfree electrophoretic displays, for smart cards, mobile. Plastic logic germany develops and manufactures electrophoretic displays epd, based on organic thinfilm transistor technology, in dresden, germany originally a spinoff company from the cavendish laboratory at the university of cambridge, the company was founded in 2000 by richard friend, henning sirringhaus and stuart evans and specialised in polymer transistors and plastic electronics. With the buzz this week centered on the new kindle, wed like to take a moment to remind you of the plastic logic reader an upcoming largeformat reader that poses a serious threat to amazon. Plastic logics dual screen ereader best ebook readers. Demofall08 today, plastic logic launched its new thin electronic reader targeted to business customers. At plastic logic, we take customer support very seriously. Plastic logics new flexible, lowpower eink display. However plastic logic a spin out form cambridge universitys cavendish labs intends to build partnerships with other companies in the future to share its technology. They partnered with novaled, a samsung subsidiary a minority share, to be exact. Flexenable acquires mercks otft materials portfolio for flexible displays. Apr 06, 2015 plastic logic is a german company developing flexible, plastic encapsulated organic display technologies with flexible transistors. Plastic logic hopes to bring us this amazing technology by 2009, a cross between the kindle and actual paper.

A new electronic reader from plastic logic uses a lightweight, flexible polymer backplane. Plastic logic research and development labs have just released a new video that shows off their new flexible display screen for ereaders. Plastic logic did demo a dual screen ereader that is super thin and has 2 10. Expected to launch early next year, this kindle rival is designed primarily for. Martin cothran is a writer and teacher, living with his wife and four children in danville, kentucky. Plastic logic was on hand at the d7 technology conference to demonstrate its highly anticipated, superthin e book reader expected to launch early next year, this kindle rival is designed. All compatible products meet or exceed oem specifications and come with full certificates. Logic proudly sells since 2014 the spo2 fmt sensors manufactured by metko ltd. If you want to rent books through a netflix for books service, which one is the best. Plastic logic s electronic book reader is an ultra skinny, extra large device targeted at business users.

The idea is to create a whole new device type for business professionals. Pocketbook and plastic logic team up to develop the next pocketbook coverreader. Flexenable became the technology provider, working to drive innovation across flexible videorate displays, flexible sensors and smart systems. Plastic logic 100 was an electronic textbook which was intended for educational use. It provides air dampers, bracket covers, egg crates, step pads, and rear bumper and fog lamp covers. While e ink provides the imaging film, plastic logic is developing the new backplane technology that sprays electronic paper on the electronics, like an inkjet printer. Rachel lichten, who works at plastic logic, describes how the scientists there have developed a process for manufacturing flexible plastic displays which are as thin as paper. Available in a wide range of sizes, these epds are being used in smart cards, wearables, mobile devices, and signage.

We do okay with books up to about an 18 or 20 mm coil diameter but anything thicker than that slows our output. Flexible screen technology learnenglish teens british. This section begins the design process with the pads logic schematic capture program. Plastic logics plastic reader is thin, simple, strong cnet. If you get stuck, solutions can be found at the back of the challenge book.

This tutorial is modified from the original tutorial to bring it up to date for version 9. We have also seen a couple of dualscreen ereaders in the past. Handling instructions for all plastic logic display modules. May 17, 2012 tweet share post on the surface, plastic logic had it all. He was a bachelor and lived comfortably in a remote part of connecticut, in a large old house with a carriage drive, a conservatory, a tennis court, and a wellselected library. Plastic logic demos ebook reader with wifi, 3g pcworld. Bbc news plastic logic ereader aims to challenge kindle.

Plastic logic s strategy is to aim its product at business professionals, given the large screen and support for excel, word, powerpoint, and pdf. Plastic logic reader available in the second quarter of 2009 plastic logic s device, like the latest from irex, is aimed at business users and sports a touchable 8. Plastic logic of dresden, germany, which licenses flexenables technology, develops and manufactures shatterproof, glassfree epds, or electrophoretic displays. While both of those devices are intended primarily as book readers, plastic logic s device, which will be shown at an emerging technology trade show in san diego, has a. Then you can start reading kindle books on your smartphone, tablet, or computer no kindle device required. General info established in 1999, flexngate plastics is a manufacturing company that offers component assembly and plastic molding products. Gadgetmakers have long promised us a flexible electronic book, but actually producing a robust, bendy screen has proved tough until now. E ink makes a massive investment into plastic logic.

Plastic logics spectacular rebirth business weekly. Thin and flexible eink displays is one the advances that has been a long time coming. Plastic logic unveils a flexible color epaper screen video 14 may, 2012 may, 2017 ereading hardware 21 comments hot on the heels of the kindle color rumor comes this surprise bit of news from russia. We were actualy there with the ereader before many others with a successful launch in las vegas but the factory was not ready to get to the volume we needed and we ended up missing the opportunity. If plastic logic can stick to the business model of primarily selling the device instead of selling books and other digital content, it will make a killing. These funds will accelerate plastic logic s move to commercial testing of prototype products and to finalise our manufacturing process for transfer to mass production, said stuart evans, the companys ceo. When the british company first emerged 12 years ago, it looked as if it could become a technology giant. Plastic logics new flexible, lowpower eink display e. Introducing uninterrupted research with drm free ebooks. We are excited to be working with pocketbook on a number of projects and this smart mobile accessory. After using the command create pdf, the text is being stretched. Plastic logic unveils a flexible color epaper screen.

The reader, which has yet to be named, will display various types of media such as newspapers, e books and. It has an easy gesturebased user interface and powerful software tools that will help business users to organize and manage their information. Electronic books reader manufacturer plastic logic announced wednesday that it will offer wireless access in its upcoming devices through. Nov 06, 2015 hi, ive created a schematics in pads logic vx1. Plastic logic, a display technology company based in. Pocketbook and plastic logic team up to develop the next. Hard plastic and high quality sleeves which can protect disc from dust and scratches. Plastic logic demos flexible color displays and more videos september 5, 2012 by nathan plastic logic has uploaded three new videos to youtube in the past couple of days that show off their new electronic paper displays, which are very similar from a. From plastic logic reply me that they doesnt support any ebook reader as pl 100. Plastic logic has the first geewhiz technology a digital book reader based on plastic electronics at demofall 08. Plastic logic demos flexible color displays and more. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible orders. In february 2015, plastic logic announced that the technology development and manufacturing parts of its enterprise would split into two independent companies 1.

First of all, you should choose one that wont shut down in a year or two. Its availability was announced by plastic logic on. Plastic logic germany epds offer huge advantages over conventional, glassbased epd being extremely robust and truly flexible. The manufacturing plant in dresden, germany, which develops, manufactures and sells a range of flexible epd, operates independently under the name plastic logic germany. Zipper enclosure for cd dvd storage organizer and keep items from falling out. Plastic logic germany develops and manufactures electrophoretic displays epd, based on. So would a reader with a flexible display like plastic logic s, which at one point was said to. Plastic logic was on hand at wednesdays d7 session to demonstrate its highly anticipated, superthin e book reader.

Jul 22, 2009 plastic logic says the device will be marketed to business users, which typically suggests a higher price and the need to lure more affluent customers. Flexenable was created from plastic logics people and its technology assets in cambridge, uk. The plastic logic reader supports a full range of business document formats, such as microsoft word, excel and powerpoint, and adobe pdfs, as well as newspapers, periodicals and books. Novaled is a specialist in oled screen tech, and it is their frontplane which is mounted on plastic logic s backplane. Used the environmentfriendly materials without unpleasant smell, keep your child healthy. Access your drm free ebook in all available formats including epub and pdf for mobile and desktops and mobi for kindle readers. Plastic logic germany leads the way in developing, manufacturing and commercializing flexible displays. For sales reps, technicians, medics, the film industry, aviation. Plastic logic demoes flexible color display for ereaders.

Author of memoria press traditional logic, material logic and classical rhetoric programs, he is an instructor of latin, logic, rhetoric, and classical studies at highlands latin school. Plastic logic 100 shatterproof ereader targets classrooms. Depending on your project or end application, there are various ways we can help you. The flexi puzzle challenge book illustrates 80 different challenges covering four levels of difficulty. A wide variety of flexible plastic sheets options are available to you, such as pvc, pc, and pp. The company has successfully industrialized the manufacturing process in its facility, the worlds first commercial, volume, organic electronics factory. Plastic logic has launched a new flexible electronic book reader, which uses the same technology as the sony reader and the amazon kindle. Flexible tablets are going to be the future of these handheld devices. Why plastic logic failed despite the ebook boom gigaom. Flexible electronic books to hit market soon new scientist.

The digital reader technology is light, thin, and made of plastic so it is able to stand up to rough daily use while storing all kinds of. Spa insulation construction products construction products acoustical products oem solutions distributor locator news about us about us. To begin a game, choose a challenge and follow the illustrations to find the solution. Plastic logic was on hand at yesterdays d7 session to demonstrate its highly anticipated, superthin e book reader. Drm free ebooks are accessible, easy, and flexible. Plastic logic germany is the leader in the development and manufacture of flexible, glassfree electrophoretic displays, for smart cards, mobile devices, signage, wearables and more. E ink further strengthens collaboration with plastic logic and in organic tft technologies through strategic investment english. The big, bendable e book reader is still a year away, but thats not too long to wait. Microcontroller schematic and layout tutorial note. This second generation coverreader will use plastic logic s flexible epd product. Plastic logic 100 unveiled, set to bring etextbooks to russian. Later today, plastic logic will be showing off its new enewspaper reader name, undecided for the first time. Plastic logic developed a flexible backplane technology, thus enabling the display, and therefore the reader device, to become flexible, thin, light and robust so it feels more like a sheet of paper. Start with an incredible but truthful claim to have.

Like the kindle dx, its designed for reading newspapers, periodicals, business documents, textbooks, and pdf files, as well as ebooks and text files. Create pdf in pads logic mentor graphics communities. Enter your mobile number or email address below and well send you a link to download the free kindle app. Plastic logic e book reader video tour and hands on. Plastic logic the most flexible, unbreakable, lightweight epaper. New award for plastic logic and isorgs sensor which. In december 2004 cambridge ukbased plastic logic signed an agreement with e ink to cooperate on the design and fabrication of flexible paperlike electronic displays. Mobile low power applications, such as iot, wearables, handheld devices. Using the same plasticbased epaper technology as originally. I have not had the opportunity to see the device, but from the photo, i am excited about its thinness. Plastic logic, maker of thin reader device, peeks out.

Aug 11, 2010 plastic logic, a company founded in cambridge and headquartered in silicon valley, has abandoned its longdelayed ereader amidst rising competition for portable electronic displays. E ink shows some of their latest awesome demos including a 10. The plastic logic reader, the size of a regular piece of paper, will be slightly larger than the kindle dx and have a touchscreen. Plastic logic abandons longdelayed ereader financial times. Plastic logic unveiled its digital reader monday at the demo technology convention. Plastic logic s has developed a new technique for manufacturing or printing electronics on thin, flexible plastic substrates. A program logic models have multiple sources of inspiration. Its based on flexible plastic technology developed in cambridge in the uk by an organisation called plastic logic. We have a rich history of innovation and expertise servicing a wide variety of clients including some of the worlds most notable companies including apple, nasa and ucla to name a few. The commercial and industrial uses of this technology are staggering. Sep 12, 2011 plastic logic has announced its new ereader, the plastic logic 100, a 10.

My bindery has tabletop electric punches and coil inserters for plastic spiral binding. Plastic logic unveils a 4 flexible oled screen the. Plastic logic ereader is slimmer than kindle dx wired. Plastic logic says that the plastic backplane allows for a larger reading area without adding more weight or bulk. Plastic logic demos ebook reader with wifi, 3g network. Flex n gate plastics 3403 lynch creek dr, danville, il 61834.

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